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In 2002, Ed Tshudy was a couple of months into retirement after a 33 year stint at Alcoa.  This retirement, coupled with the recent sale of a six year endeavor and partnership in the Bluebird Inn in Cornwall, might lead one to believe that Ed’s ambition, motivation, and drive was on hiatus, yet nothing could have been farther from the truth.  Hence, in late 2002, Ed Tshudy and his wife Sandy decided to embark on a new endeavor with their daughter Nicole Cordero and her husband Cisco.  Cisco, who had nearly twenty years of experience as an operations supervisor & manager, and Nikki, with over 10 years of experience as a commercial and residential property manager, were eager to get started with this new venture.  Therefore, the four of them decided that they would start up a new restaurant, tavern or beer distributor. 

After endless searches for potential businesses and locations, from Allentown to Hershey, they finally decided on Campbelltown as their location for Brass Rail Beverage.  Not knowing what the future held for them, the four of them vowed to work diligently and provide their friends and customers with a unique shopping experience, a large selection of quality products, a high level of service, and an educated staff.  From this initial mission statement, they would grow a new business from scratch and emerge as one of the fastest growing beer distributors in Central Pennsylvania.

Ed and Sandy were no strangers to heading up a business with a fresh new outlook, for Ed was always an entrepreneur.  In addition to their ownership in the Bluebird, in the early 70’s, Ed became the first member and initial president of the Aluminum Workers Federal Credit Union.  It grew and is now known as the Lebanon Valley Federal Credit Union. Later on, in the mid 70’s, Ed and Sandy also owned the Colebrook Tavern.

Now, hundreds of customers visit Brass Rail Beverage each week, and it’s not uncommon to find someone who has driven past numerous beer distributors to purchase some of the hard to find beers found at Brass Rail Beverage.  Many new customers, who have gone the extra mile to get here, do so as a result of conversation with a current customer, or via information gathered over the Internet.  Brass Rail Beverage is listed on beer connoisseur websites such as and, where they have an A+ rating and are currently classified as a “World Class” beer store.


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